India tour

A few memories from this visual tour.

Sudeep's Journal

It feels like yesterday that I wore my uniform for the first time, and sat on that small class; but, it has already been more than three years and our college life is about to end. There are certain things that we won’t forget, certain days we would want to live again: the Welcome program, the farewell, the picnics, the tours, Hari sir’s strictness (which we hated back then but enjoy now ), Lalu sir’s singing, my jokes that wouldn’t make anyone laugh, the real-life stories we would hear from all the teachers, the playful banter with friends, the booze party hiding out from teachers in the tours, and so on. Although we weren’t that good dancers, we danced. Although we didn’t sing well, we sang our hearts out.

There are lots of memories, and it would take me a whole day to write all of them, but one, which…

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Last words

Reflections of a daughter. Touching.

Seli's Diary📖

Soul never dies

Last words can have such an impact on someone’s life. You might still remember some sweet words or some bitter words you heard years ago. You might have forgotten other stuffs but not how those words made you feel. Whenever those words come to your mind again, you relive those moments as if it happened just now. It might make you happy, sad, content or even angry.

I also relive many past moments in my head quite often. It’s funny how out of many moments lived with someone, only few stay in your subconscious mind permanently, keeps knocking and takes you back to those moments time and again…

I can never forget my mom who is up there in heaven. It’s been three years without her.She was with me for 28 years. In all these 28 years, there were many seconds, minutes and days that we have…

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another one of her antics

Nerr nerr nerr

Daydreaming as a profession

it was a charming night She really liked a man who could drive her from the restaurant after having quite some glasses to drink and he was that man He drove her to his house and helped her out of the car like a gentleman and even held her hand all the way to the door Her heart was pounding and her brain too. A voice kept saying 'He's the one. He's the one!' It was silenced when she saw two small animal heads on his doorstep. A cat's and a bunny's. The doormat was soaked with their blood She froze and the gentleman said, “Oh crap, not this shit again.” And he walked up to them and kicked them to the side like mini soccer balls “My ex-wife,” he said with a shrug. “Just another one of her antics. You get used after a while.” He opened the door…

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A very quick poetry challenge. Blink and you might miss it. Every Sunday join Ailsa Cawley, Christina Chin, Kushal Poddar, sonja benskin mesher, Fi, Spangle McQueen, Linda L. Ludwig and myself. Send me your wildflower poems #Wildflowerhour this Sunday and I will post them between between 8-9pm UK time. Artworks welcome, too.

Do join us for a very quick poetry challenge. Celebrate all things meadow to support National Meadows Day on July the 4th.

The Wombwell Rainbow

A very quick poetry challenge. Blink and you might miss it. What can you find blooming in a meadow? Celebrate all things meadow to support National Meadows Day on July the 4th. Send me your wildflower poems #Wildflowerhour this Sunday between 8-9pm UK time.

#Wildflowers Spring Light by Christina Chin

spring light
a ball disperses from her tiny fist


-Christina Chin

garden seat
and sweet pea perfume
ploughman’s lunch

Editors Hidenori Hiruta, Ben Grafström and Team.

-Christina Chin

caravan song
dandelions scatter here and there.

クリスチアン チン(インドネシア)
Published in Spring Saijiki 2019

finger painting red poppy fields
Tuscany sunrise

トスカーナの日の出指で描く赤い芥子  (tr. 千秋)

poppy fields
across the grasslands the timbre of sitar

シタールの音色横切るポピー畑 (tr. 千秋)

「シタールの音(ね)草原をこえ芥子畑(sitar no ne sougen wo koe keshi-batake) 」(Christina Chin, tr. N.U.Hanseki)

wind coursing
through red hills
sweeping poppies

the random trills
of violins
red poppy fields

spring fields
the fragrance of
wildflowers underfoot

in my hand the glint

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the outsider

I’ve simply got to share this!

Daydreaming as a profession

my neighbor from upstairs
claims that
God sticks
post-it notes on his
fridge overnight

I did ask him
what they said but
he only told me that I'll
have to follow
him to church if
I want to find out

I'm generally not a very
curious guy
so I declined
and, what do you know, few
days later I see
lots of other
people following my
neighbor to church

They all looked the
other way when
I passed by them and said hi

Thing is
I don't even doubt
God spoke to my neighbor
through post-it notes
and gave a lot of people hope

I just
like being the outsider
more than I like
being hopeful

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World Haiku Series 2019 (150) Haiku by Pravat Kumar Padhy

I’d like to share the beautiful verses by Pravat Kumar Padhy.

Akita International Haiku Network

World Haiku Series 2019 (150)

Haiku by Pravat Kumar Padhy

deep dark space
many cosmic townships
with their own light
The Mainichi Daily News, 23.3.2012
Haiku in English: Best of 2012, Mainichi Daily News




cherry blossoms—
the scent bridging
the long river
Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Invitational, 2013



長い川 に

temple bell–
the lone bird adds
its cry
Frogpond, 36-2 Spring/Summer Issue, 2013
Anthology, “A Vast Sky” 2015



鳴き声 を
cotton flowers–
the sky blooming with
Shamrock No. 27, February 2014



flowing river–
the bereaved girl holds 
a palm-full of water
Editor’s Choice (Sample Poems), Acorn, Issue #33, Fall 2014



wild flower–
I breathe my
The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XVI, No.4, December 2014



tiny pebbles
the softness
of her talk

Iafor Vladimir…

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Honkadori, or Allusive Variation

I’d like share this very interesting read.

Deja-ku Diary

cropped-goodA common technique used in old Japanese poetry, one that is still used in haiku and tanka today, is known as honkadori, which emerged around the 12th century. It has been described as “allusive variation,” where a poet borrows or adapts lines from an earlier poem, using them in a new way, expanding or updating a well-known image or idea. Readers were expected to know the allusion, so these poems gave no hint of plagiarism, similar to the way parody today is clearly not plagiarism. These sometimes complex allusions enabled poets to revisit common subjects and extend the conversation begun by the source or foundation poems. Honkadori also added compression and density to new poems through their allusions to key poems and poets that preceded them. Readers gained a greater sense of satisfaction in recognizing the allusions, too.

Allusive variation is a poetic technique that is part of the…

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Haibun by Ignatius Fay

Take a minute to read a very moving haibun by Ignatius Fay.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Food for Thought

My two young daughters and I are at the grocery checkout. Ahead is a homeless woman of indeterminate age, a fixture in the neighborhood for years. Stooped, hair in disarray, teeth in need of more than a good brushing, she is wearing multiple layers of clothing, several more than necessary for the warm fall weather. She keeps glancing through the glass storefront at the shopping cart full of her stuff that is chained to a No Parking sign.

summer hours
between her groceries and mine
a wooden bar

One at a time, she places sixteen cans of cat food, a box of crackers, a box of tea bags and a couple of bars of soap on the counter. Short of money, she puts the soap aside. The girls look at me expectantly, barely able to restrain themselves until we reach the parking lot. The woman and her…

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