Adjei Agyei-Baah (born Eric Adjei Baah, June 29, 1977, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana), lecturer, translator, editor, and haiku poet. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in English at the Division of Education, University of Waikato, New Zealand. He is the cofounder of Africa Haiku Network, Poetry Foundation Ghana, and The Mamba, Africa’s first haiku journal. Agyei-Baah’s work won recognition in the Japan–Russia Haiku Contest in 2014, received The Heron’s Nest Award (best haiku of issue) in 2016, been shortlisted for the World Haiku Club’s R. H. Blyth Award in 2019, and anthologized in Kala Ramesh’s Naad Anunaad: An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku (2016). His debut haiku collection, Afriku (2016), was commended by Nigerian Nobel Prize–winner Wole Soyinka. His fourth book, Piece of My Fart (2018) is the first senryu collection from Africa. Agyei-Baah is the primary author of the four Haikupedia articles about African haiku; he lives in Kumasi, Ghana.


deserted shore
the wind sharpens its voice
over a conch

Editor’s Choice Cattails, September 2015 Edition

after a short silence
a huge thud in the forest

Zatsuei, Haiku of Merit, Vanguard Haiku, WHR Summer 2021

the rugged ride
of eagle’s shadow

Honorable Mention, WHR Blyth Award 2019

shooting star…
I believe God
has a catapult

The Haiku Hecameron: Gratitude in the Time of COVID-19 (Edited by Scott Mason)

dawn rumble
the moon rolling
on a train

Cattails October 2020/ UtB 2020 – Poet’s Personal Best

my son asks
if heaven could catch fire

Frogpond #42.2 – 2019/ UtB 2019 – Poet’s Personal Best

morning jog
taking the route scented
by a bread truck

Editors’ Choice, The Heron’s Nest Volume XXI, Number 3: September 2019

last night’s rain
in the spider’s web
a chandelier of globules

Merit Award, 7th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest, 2016

black coffee
white sugar
I stir the world into oneness

Indian Kukai #14, December 2015.

where the firefly
draws its light—
a thought!

Chrysanthemum Number. 22


Haiku in West Africa
Haiku in East Africa Haiku in Southern Africa
Haiku in North Africa

Published Books:

Afriku (Red Moon Press, 2016)

Ghana 21, Haiku (Mamba Africa Press, 2018)

Piece of My Fart (Mamba Africa Press, 2018)

Finding The Other Door (Mamba Africa Press, 2021)

Co-author Publication:

Adjei Agyei-Baah, Professor Ikuyo Yoshimura and Maki Starfield

Trio of Windows (JUNPA Books, 2018)

Coedited Anthology:

The Awakened One: Buddha-Themed Haiku from Around the World (Poetry Chaikhana, 2021)


Co-founder: Africa Haiku Network


Co-editor/founder: The Mamba (Journal of Africa Haiku)

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